Best Franchise for Veterans: Why Pet Supplies Plus is One of the Top Options

Joe Petergal and his daughter Brenda

One of the key characteristics of a great franchise opportunity is that it is inclusive and accessible for everyone who meets the qualifications. As one of the best pet store franchises and top overall franchise opportunities, Pet Supplies Plus is a fantastic business ownership opportunity for Veterans as well! Learn about Veteran Joe Petergal and […]

A Pet Supplies Plus Father-Daughter Franchising Duo!

a father and daughter franchise pair are standing in the aisle of the store

Pet Supplies Plus is a family business, so we get really excited when we hear about actual families owning and running our stores together. For years, Mike Zavasky worked as a successful insurance company executive, until he decided his next move would be to own his own business with his daughter, Rachel. Currently, Mike and […]

A Veteran’s Franchising Venture with Pet Supplies Plus

Two franchise owners stand in front of their store entrance, with a "Grand Opening" sign behind them

Brian Rolf is a busy guy. He is the father of three children and owns two dogs, two fish, and two Pet Supplies Plus stores. And he’s loving every minute of it! Brian opened his first store in Florida during the summer of 2016, and his second store had its Grand Opening in April 2018. […]

A Pet Supplies Plus Franchising Love Story: Matt and Addy

two men and two women are standing in a PSP, one is holding a cat

For the past 27 years, Addy and Matt Shattuck have been Franchise Owners with Pet Supplies Plus. They entered the business separately, each owning their own stores in Michigan. They both agree that their initial interest in the franchise was driven by their love of pets and the uniqueness of the concept. What neither of […]

Pet Supplies Plus Still Best in Show for First Franchise Owner

Franchise owner Jeff Bonanni standing with his employees

Jeff Bonanni has been a Franchise Owner for over 30 years and currently owns four different concepts. If you ask Jeff to name the favorite of all of his brands, he’ll answer, without taking a pause, that it’s Pet Supplies Plus! In 1989, Jeff became the first Franchise Owner of a Pet Supplies Plus. With […]

Military Veteran Serves Community as Pet Franchise

A man is dressed in a military outfit, petting his dog. His wife and small child are close by

Franchising is a great fit for military veterans transitioning back to civilian life. Running a successful franchise requires teamwork, a proactive mindset and a heart for the community – all qualities that many veterans possess. In fact, twelve percent of franchise owners in the U.S. are veterans. Pet Supplies Plus franchisee Brian Rolf was in the military […]