A Pet Supplies Plus Father-Daughter Franchising Duo!

a father and daughter franchise pair are standing in the aisle of the store

Pet Supplies Plus is a family business, so we get really excited when we hear about actual families owning and running our stores together. For years, Mike Zavasky worked as a successful insurance company executive, until he decided his next move would be to own his own business with his daughter, Rachel.

Currently, Mike and Rachel own two Pet Supplies Plus stores in Pennsylvania and recently opened a third in Florida!

Mike and Rachel looked into many businesses before deciding on Pet Supplies Plus—everything from yogurt shops to bagels to bird supplies. But once Mike visited the corporate office and spent some time with the Pet Supplies Plus team, he knew it was the perfect choice. “They are just so great. Speaking from my own corporate experience, it’s clear that the team at Pet Supplies Plus has a good thing going,” Mike said. He also cited his District Team Leader, who is a special regional mentor every Franchise Owner gets as a key asset to the onboarding process.

Aside from his fantastic experience at the corporate office, Mike had a lot of love for the brand model and the ability to run the business behind the scenes. “It’s a proven concept and a business that will last. Plus, you don’t have to be an owner/operator, and there is a lot of momentum in this very large market segment,” Mike said.

Rachel is the Director of Operations for their stores and spends a lot of her time in them, helping neighbors and staff, as well as assisting Mike with payroll, invoicing, and planning events. But her favorite part of her position is being in the store itself. “I enjoy engaging with the neighbors and team members. It’s really great when we get to help neighbors with their pets’ allergies or issues. They are so happy and appreciative of the help,” Rachel said.

Organizing events for the community has been a highlight for both Mike, Rachel, and their store leadership teams and it has benefited their business. Partnering with local shelters and service organizations and participating in events like Paws in the Park and other fund raisers has been both rewarding and fun. They even helped to put on a rock concert with the Humane Society featuring Gin Blossoms!

Both Rachel and Mike acknowledge that the key to success is engaging with neighbors, hiring the right people, and following the suggestions from corporate. “They have proven their expertise and are always available to help improve business. We welcome all their suggestions and have had success in implementing them,” Mike said.

Needless to say, this father-daughter team has been a welcome addition to the Pet Supplies Plus family. If you are interested in learning more about joining the Pet Supplies Plus family, get in touch with Pet Supplies Plus franchising.