A Veteran’s Franchising Venture with Pet Supplies Plus

Two franchise owners stand in front of their store entrance, with a "Grand Opening" sign behind them

Brian Rolf is a busy guy. He is the father of three children and owns two dogs, two fish, and two Pet Supplies Plus stores. And he’s loving every minute of it!

Brian opened his first store in Florida during the summer of 2016, and his second store had its Grand Opening in April 2018. Before becoming a Franchise Owner with Pet Supplies Plus, Brian was a pilot in the United States Marine Corps. While serving his country as a Marine, Brian earned his MBA and knew that when he retired from service, he would go into business for himself.

From his background, it’s clear that Brian is a very determined and focused person. When he retired from the Marines and was ready to become an entrepreneur, he did some serious investigating to figure out which franchise would be the best fit for him and his family.

After looking at fitness, medical supplies, and service-based franchises, it became clear that Pet Supplies Plus would be a good match. “I loved the model and felt it was the perfect niche between big box retailers and mom and pop stores,” Brian said. Since Brian is an owner/operator, he is happy to spend time with his customers. He is always willing and ready to hear what keeps them coming back to Pet Supplies Plus. “They all say that they like the local feel, the convenience of the store, and our friendly staff,” Brian said.

We asked Brian what motivated him to be an owner/operator. He said that he appreciated how being involved allowed him to get the business up and running sooner rather than later. Plus, Brian enjoys spending time in the store with his staff and customers. Brian was most impressed with the corporate team’s support and their dedication in ensuring that he felt confident with all the operational processes and systems in place. With his impressive military background, Brian recognizes the importance of team support. He also commented that he was happy to find that the transition from military to franchise ownership was smooth thanks to the solid process and structure of Pet Supplies Plus. “The support staff has been outstanding. They have a system in place for everything!” Brian said. He also mentioned the Grand Opening team and how much it made everything run smoothly.

Another part of being a Pet Supplies Plus Franchise Owner that Brian enjoys is the chance to get involved with local events in the community. “We set up event tents at festivals, as well as partner with shelters for adoption events,” Brian said. “It’s rewarding to build a cool business and provide a great community for residents and pets.” When we asked Brian what he felt has been the most satisfying part of being a Franchise Owner, he said, “I’ve built a good family business.” And we can’t think of anything better than that.

We want to thank Brian for his time, his service to our country, and choosing to be part of the Pet Supplies Plus family.

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