Best Franchise for Veterans: Why Pet Supplies Plus is One of the Top Options

Joe Petergal and his daughter Brenda

One of the key characteristics of a great franchise opportunity is that it is inclusive and accessible for everyone who meets the qualifications. As one of the best pet store franchises and top overall franchise opportunities, Pet Supplies Plus is a fantastic business ownership opportunity for Veterans as well!

Learn about Veteran Joe Petergal and his daughter Brenda’s Pet Supplies Plus location in San Antonio below!

Veteran Success Stories with the Best Pet Franchise

Before becoming a Franchise Owner with Pet Supplies Plus, Joe Petergal spent 20 years in the U.S. Air Force as a security police dog handler, a jet engine mechanic and an aircraft maintenance superintendent. After retiring from the Air Force, Joe earned an Alternative Teaching Certificate as a special education teacher.

It wasn’t until recently that Joe decided to embark on his third career move and invest in one of the best franchises to own with Pet Supplies Plus.

“As a Veteran, I learned that sticking to the instructions and hard work always pays off, and Pet Central (Pet Supplies Plus’s Corporate Office) provides detailed instructions on opening and running a store,” says Joe on how his past experiences have prepared him for success with Pet Supplies Plus, as well as how the support offered by corporate has helped him in his journey.

Joe also attributes his experience as a special education teacher as a reason why his Pet Supplies Plus franchise is thriving. He gained experience in working with people, as well as learning to interact with peers, employees and customers.

Why a Pet Supplies Plus Franchise Opportunity Attracts Veterans

When Joe began researching opportunities and spoke with Pet Supplies Plus Franchise Owners, he learned very quickly about the high rate of success for Franchise Owners, and that they loved the brand.

“In my opinion, the best part about owning a Pet Supplies Plus is the unparalleled support we receive,” says Joe. “They help with new store site selection and build-out, IT, marketing, merchandising, operations and provide extensive training opportunities.”

As a family-friendly pet franchise opportunity, Joe is also able to work with his daughter in building a successful business.

“I’ve always known that she was intelligent, a fast learner and hardworking,” says Joe of his daughter Brenda. “But I did not know how exceptionally well she could run a retail establishment. The store is doing so well under her leadership that I am considering an early start to my third retirement.”

Advice for Those Considering Investing in the Best Pet Store Franchise

If you’re thinking about investing in a Pet Supplies Plus franchise opportunity, Joe has some sage advice for you.

“Don’t hesitate,” Joe advises.

Brenda believes that if you want to set yourself up for success with Pet Supplies Plus, you should leverage relationships with other Franchise Owners in your area.

“If they have another store close to them, they need to develop a relationship with the owner and/or the management team,” says Brenda. “Do not underestimate the assistance you will need when you are in the process of opening and running a new store. Additionally, when your store matures, it’s good to have a partnership with other stores for furthering the brand throughout the community.”

Whether you’re a veteran looking to start your own business with a proven brand and franchise model or looking to expand your portfolio with a smart, savvy investment, Pet Supplies Plus is one of the best opportunities around.

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