Why Pet Supplies Plus is the Best Franchise for Commercial Real Estate Professionals

While Pet Supplies Plus can be a great franchise opportunity for a lot of people, those with experience in commercial real estate have seen recent success through franchising with us.

One example of this is Mr. Dark, a group of business professionals who invest together in real estate, filling the units with tenants that they manage directly. Recently, Mr. Dark decided to get into franchising and chose to partner with Pet Supplies Plus.

A Perfect Match

Ryan Montoya is the lead from Mr. Dark who will oversee the development of multiple Pet Supplies Plus locations in Idaho, where there is plenty of market potential.

Before the formation of Mr. Dark with his business partners, Ryan worked for a general contractor in Phoenix before attending law school and moving to Boise. Not long after, he met Mike with TOK Commercial Real Estate where he was introduced to the other investors who would ultimately form Mr. Dark, named for the first initial of each partner’s name.

The group’s first objective was to find new ways to diversify their assets and expand their businesses. It didn’t take them long to stumble upon one of the best pet store franchises to invest in.

 “Once we started looking at Pet Supplies Plus, we knew we loved the model and had to invest,” Ryan said. After meeting with the Pet Supplies Plus team, he knew it was a perfect match, as it allowed Mr. Dark to own the real estate while franchising the properties themselves.

So, what specifically caught Ryan’s and his partners’ eyes with a Pet Supplies Plus franchise opportunity?

A Top-Tier Playbook

Ryan came away from his early meetings with the Pet Supplies Plus team impressed by our proven pet franchise model.

“The playbook is phenomenal. Pet Supplies Plus has it all laid out very easily, from onboarding to build-out to marketing,” says Ryan. “Getting a product to market is easy with this brand.”

With unmatched support and an easier business model when compared to QSR franchises, the Pet Supplies Plus franchise opportunity was clearly the right choice.

In it for the Long Haul

Ryan and his partners also wanted a business that was in an industry that’s strong regardless of the economic conditions.

“We wanted a business with staying power,” says Ryan. “From our research, we know pets and service have longevity for a brick and mortar. The recession-resilience of Pet Supplies Plus is a huge benefit in that regard.”

As a strong 2020 proved, there will always be demand for services and products that allow pet owners to care for (and spoil) their companions.

A Connection with the Community

Another factor that contributed to Mr. Dark investing in Pet Supplies Plus is the ability to create long-term connections with customers.

“Each Pet Supplies Plus is focused on creating a neighborhood environment that neighbors will want to come back to over and over,” Ryan says of the ability to make positive impacts in the community. “That great customer relationship is a plus.”

If you’re in the Idaho area, look out for Ryan’s first location, which is scheduled to open in mid-December 2021. And if you come from a commercial real estate background, we want to talk to you!

If you’d like to learn more about a Pet Supplies Plus franchise opportunity and what it’s like to invest in one of the best franchises to own, fill out the form below!