Pet Supplies Plus Still Best in Show for First Franchise Owner

Franchise owner Jeff Bonanni standing with his employees

Jeff Bonanni has been a Franchise Owner for over 30 years and currently owns four different concepts. If you ask Jeff to name the favorite of all of his brands, he’ll answer, without taking a pause, that it’s Pet Supplies Plus!

In 1989, Jeff became the first Franchise Owner of a Pet Supplies Plus. With a portfolio that centers mostly on restaurant concepts, it may seem like an odd pairing, but, as Jeff says, it’s still his favorite business of the bunch.

Jeff says that his affinity for the brand stems from the ease by which the franchise runs, the money to be made, and the originality of the concept. After becoming the brand’s first Franchise Owner, Jeff went on to own a variety of different concepts, but his passion and love for Pet Supplies Plus remains unmatched.

Jeff heard about the business from a family friend and was interested in the concept immediately. “It’s basically a grocery store for pets. It was a very new concept at the time, and I was intrigued from the start,” Jeff said.

Jeff decided to take the leap and opened his first Pet Supplies Plus in Michigan. Currently, Jeff owns four stores, and thanks to the support he receives, his stores have become even more organized and easier to run. “I’m so impressed with how we’ve developed,” Jeff said. In fact, Jeff is so impressed with development that he’s opening another Pet Supplies Plus in 2019.

When asked why he thinks the franchise has stayed so relevant, Jeff calls out the customer experience and the fact that the people who work there can suggest new and improved options for pets. Jeff acknowledges that whether it’s nutrition or toys, it’s nice to get live, in-person feedback about something as precious to customers as their pets.

However, working in a business focused around pets is not all fun and games. “You have to be involved, but it’s very rewarding. Plus, the concept is still in demand 30 years later,” Jeff said.

The rewarding part of the business is, in part, attributed to its focus on pets and the joy, love, and companionship they bring to people’s lives. But Franchise Owners like Jeff work beyond the store to make a difference in the lives of pets and people within the community.

Jeff’s store holds cat adoptions to help place ownerless animals in safe homes, and he’s proud to share that 110 adoptions were made last year alone. Jeff and his store also donate food for families in need, as well as animal shelters and provide adoption aid for seniors in need. Jeff is most excited about their Pets for Vets Program, which helps place animals and donations with Veterans in need.

After almost 30 years as a Franchise Owner, what Jeff loves about Pet Supplies Plus is what the customers love as well. “It’s your neighborhood store with a great selection and a truly excellent customer service experience,” Jeff said.

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