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Without a doubt, 2020 is no ordinary year—but we’re no ordinary pet store franchise. Despite pandemic lockdowns and roller-coaster markets, we’re racking up wins as a top pet franchise to own, including our new ranking of #99 on the Franchise Times Top 200+ list. We have been on the Franchise Times Top 200+ list since 2004.

The Franchise Times 200+ list is an authoritative snapshot of the 200 largest U.S.-based franchise companies as measured by systemwide sales across all company and global franchised units. According to Franchise Times, “the top-ranking 200 brands grew sales by 4.5 percent, a whopping $30.1 billion, for a grand total of $702.9 billion. That represents a slight acceleration from last year, when the top 200 grew sales by 4.2 percent.”

We just keep fetching more awards.

People love their pets, and pet people love us! Our loyal relationships—between us and our Franchise Owners, and between our employees and customers— help keep our list of accolades growing. In addition to our Franchise Times 200+ ranking, we are delighted to share these top honors:

  • #104 of the top 150 franchises on Entrepreneur’s Top Growth Franchises
  • Entrepreneur named us #1 Pet Store Franchise 6 years running
  • Named Entrepreneur Best of the Best in 2020 

A Breed That Goes The Distance.

Yes, there’s a lot going on right now, but our pets have been a bright spot in an otherwise challenging year. In a recent interview on, Pet Supplies Plus CEO Chris Rowland talked about why our pet store franchises are such a good addition to portfolios even in tough times. “We’ve always been a recession-resistant franchise, and our strength and stability during 2020 has only solidified our brand’s track record of success,” Rowland said.

Harnessing People-Powered Passion.

The secret to that ongoing success? Our incredible pet store Franchise Owners who have stepped up to meet the changing needs of our neighbors during the pandemic. Franchise Owners’ and their employees’ commitment to providing the best products, services and overall customer experience is a huge part of everything we’ve achieved. “Retail works when it is powered by passion-driven individuals who genuinely love what they do and who they do it for,” said Rowland.

How Doing What You Love Brings Rewards.

Our Franchise Owners are pet owners and pet lovers themselves—they know the happiness pets bring to everyday life and relish the opportunity to be a part of the community by providing great products and outstanding service to their neighbors. Multi-unit Franchise Owner Paul Bechel says that happy customers are a big part of what he enjoys about the business.

Behind-The-Scenes Franchise Owner Support.

And it’s not just the fun of helping pet lovers that attracts prospective pet store Franchise Owners. Strong corporate support and a proven business model power our growth and resilience.  Rowland says, “One of the reasons pet-passionate candidates are joining Pet Supplies Plus is because of our continuous growth and innovation benefits, both for our locally-owned stores and corporate locations.” Lori Nebel, a Multi-Unit Franchise Owner, couldn’t agree more and loves how smart corporate support helps her spend less time with finicky backend work and more time with the customers –and animals–she cares about.

We Run With The Big Dogs.

From the start of the pandemic, we have been an essential industry and stayed ahead of the pack when it comes to adapting to new and in-demand trends in retail shopping. We offer omni-channel shopping options that include online ordering with curbside pickup to free same/next-day delivery. This speed and flexibility help us compete with major online retailers while solidifying our reputation as the one-stop local destination for devoted pet owners.

Pets are a $75B industry and growing. With our $2.2M AUV and steadily rising consumer demand, there’s never been a better time to invest in a pet store franchise.  With 30+ years of passion for pets and the people who love them, we’re ready to help you unleash success in your community. Don’t miss out to join our award-winning pack!

Why a Top Pet Franchise Signs a Multi-Unit Conversion Deal with an Independent Pet Store.

Franchise Owner kneeling with his golden retriever dog

Here at Pet Supplies Plus, our tails are wagging as pet store owner Karl Keller from PetsWay joined our pet store franchise family. He signed a franchise agreement to convert his five stores to our brand.

“I was very impressed with the progress they’ve made since 2007. The purchasing power is so important for Franchise Owners. Pet Supplies Plus is competitive on retail pricing, and the product mix and margins are very attractive,” says Karl Keller.

Our Independent Pet Conversion Program gives Franchise Owners like Karl the opportunity to offer more products, greater variety, marketing insights and analytics and streamlined store operations. Plus, Franchise Owners benefit from more buying power for better prices on pet supplies that reward neighbors and compete with bigger brands.

A second-generation pet store owner.

His dad, Karl Keller, Sr., started the pet business after falling in love with guppies. With an entrepreneurial mindset, he soon realized that he could sell the guppy babies. At age 17, his parents told him to get the business out of their house, so he leased his first storefront when he was still in high school. Over time, his business grew as more customers asked if he had food for hamsters, parrots and other pets.

Meanwhile, Karl Jr. chose another career working for Boeing in St. Louis. But his dad’s business was so successful, he asked his son to help the company and move back to Springfield. Driven by his love for pets and family, Karl moved his family and joined Pets Way in 2000 which was operating five stores.

Karl chose a best-in-show brand carefully.

Karl did his homework and has been following Pet Supplies Plus for 15 years. He visited dozens of our stores across the U.S., and after visiting with our corporate team, he was even more impressed with what we’re doing and how fast we’re growing.

Last year, we reached out to Karl to let him know about the Independent Pet Conversion Program. Karl says he was “excited for the outreach and was ready to learn more about the latest developments with one of the top pet franchise brands.”

“The infrastructure is excellent and allows us to compete and grow in the pet business against other big brand names. We have the community base and relationships in our local market. It’s a win-win. We can be market players and operate multiple stores,” adds Karl.

Unleashing big goals with the big dogs.

With five successful stores, Karl wants to be a market player, compete with the big box pet store franchise brands and also retain that local community store appeal. His hopes are to get his first store converted to Pet Supplies Plus by the holiday season this year. We’re totally on board with that goal and are here with marketing, merchandising, tech and support to help Karl’s stores lead the pack.

“It’s been very rewarding and challenging at the same time. It’s never easy to go out on your own as an entrepreneur. But, the quality of people at Pet Supplies Plus is unmatched. I feel like I’ve worked with these people forever. You want to work with people you feel good about,” adds Karl.

Why franchise with us? People, pets and community, for starters.

As Karl says, “Pet Supplies Plus is a very respected pet franchise brand in our industry.” As the largest chain of independent pet store owners and operators in the country, we offer brand recognition, the buying power of 500+ stores and a proven track record of innovation, recession-resilient growth, neighborly service and top-notch support.

How Does a Top Pet Franchise Land on the Entrepreneur Top Growth Franchise List?

Our success is built on our 30+ year passion for people, pets and the hard work and dedication of our amazing Franchise Owners. We’ve just been ranked #104 in the top 150 franchises in the first-ever Entrepreneur Top Growth Franchise List. This is a newly created accolade that showcases franchises with positive franchise unit growth (at least 5 units) in North America from July 2016-July 2019.

With more than 500+ stores nationwide and no plans to slow down, we couldn’t be prouder of our Franchise Owners and our corporate team for helping us achieve alpha-dog status in the pet industry.

Own the brand that continues to outrun the competition.

We’re also honored to add another ranking as one of the best franchises to own to our awards shelf —The Entrepreneur’s 41st annual Franchise 500 ranking right next to our win as Entrepreneur’s #1 pet store franchise of 2020—a ranking we’ve held for 6 years running.

The Entrepreneur’s 41st annual Franchise 500 ranking was no walk in the dog park, either. More than 1,100 companies competed in the “Best Of” category, and those that rose to the top reveal latest trends as well as franchises that continue to evolve to keep going strong year after year. The ranking criteria included:

  1. Costs and Fees
  2. Size and Growth  
  3. Support and Training  
  4. Brand Strength  
  5. Financial Strength and Stability  

Get in on a business model with sustainable growth.

The Entrepreneur Top Growth Franchise Award proves our Franchise Owners have what it takes to really go the distance. “By maintaining steady, sustained growth over several years, these franchises have demonstrated that they have the systems in place to support their Franchise Owners and help them become successful,” says Jason Feifer, Entrepreneur’s editor in chief.

Jason also acknowledged that current conditions are unpredictable but stressed that history can be a good indicator of future performance. “As these and other companies around the country face unprecedented challenges, they may see their growth slow, but that record of success could prove more important than ever,” he added.

The numbers are in our favor, now more than ever.  

Our strong $2.2M AUV* helps us lead the pack in the rapidly growing pet industry. Our commitment to be the go-to pet resource in communities nationwide continues to make a Pet Supplies Plus franchise opportunity attractive to new investors and current store owners.

Leverage call outs graphically from website in some fashion.

Why is now the right time to invest in our pet store franchise?

Demand is booming.

Pet lovers love spending money on their pets, and Franchise Owners keep adding additional stores due to their success. The pet industry is an essential industry during COVID-19, and we adapted our business model to pandemic-related challenges to help us keep our Franchise Owners, employees, neighbors and pets safe, healthy and happy.

Neighbors know and trust us.

We combine big box store selection with a small-town pet shop vibe to create a place that our neighbors know and trust for great service and selection. But behind the scenes, it’s our strong business model and steadfast support for our Franchise Owners that make us one of the best pet franchises to own.

We’re growing faster than a greyhound. Join us.

Don’t miss out on this chance to join our pack while doing what you love.

According to

According to

Top Pet Franchise Scores High in Franchise Owner Satisfaction in Franchise Business Review

Here at Pet Supplies Plus, the happiness of our Franchise Owners is a top priority and a key part of our continued success in this $75 billion pet franchise industry. We are thrilled to share the results of the Franchise Business Review survey, which was completed by 69% of our Franchise Owners. The survey measures many aspects of our business, including categories like training and support, leadership, franchise owner community and financial opportunity.

Our Franchise Owners rated these areas the highest:

  • 87% enjoy the organization
  • 87% enjoy the pet business
  • 85% would recommend us
  • 84.3% are active participants in our franchise
  • 84.2% respect our franchise

Even better, we scored impressive year-over-year record numbers in the survey. If a category grows over 5 points from 2019, it is referred to as exceptional growth. We are so proud to share that our overall satisfaction ranking jumped from 67.5% in 2019 to 74.1% in 2020! This deserves a huge thank you to our Franchise Owners – our tails are wagging with pride.

Big dog numbers from a big 2020.

Despite the uncertainty in the world, one thing is for sure: people are crazy about their pets and our sales prove it. With our unprecedented growth and significant profit potential, it’s no wonder our Franchise Owners are experiencing our best year yet — and we’re just getting started.

Omni-channel shopping gives pet lovers choices.

Even with the challenges of COVID-19, Franchise Owners are enjoying their jobs and neighbors are able to buy the food and supplies for the pets they love in ways that are the most convenient and safe for them.

Now’s the time to hop on board with us.

It Ain’t Nothing But a “Bark” Thang

Finding a business is akin to a PT job. But what if you could find one that meets many of the criteria that are at the top of people’s lists of desired attributes in a business? In addition, it is within an industry that is not only exploding but is beloved by millions? 


Let’s begin with why most people want a business:

  • Independence / Work for themselves
  • More control over their lives
  • Build an asset

Hands down the #1 reason clients tell me they want to own a business is b/c they want to work for themselves! 
What is the fastest growing segment in franchising? Pets!

Why do people want pets:

  • Humans need for love & friendship
  • Keep them active
  • They make good friends

According to the 2019-2020 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 67% of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to 84.9 millions homes. In 1988, the first year the survey was conducted, 56% of U.S. households owned a pet.” – American Pet Products Association

Pair these two and you have the perfect set of reasons people want to own a pet focused business. But which one?

There are many franchises popping up to fit the need of this exploding industry – but which brand has tested the long road of ups & downs to now be granted an esteemed marketing phrase – National Brand Recognition: Pet Supplies Plus

With over 500 locations and franchising since 1990 (that is 30 years to those of who still think of 1990 as ‘yesterday’). This well established brand has proven itself time and time again. Semi-Absentee Business; Strong concept with year over year growth; Strong numbers – as the avg unit volume is 7 figures; Strong franchise validation – and how franchisees are showing this validation is by buying up more locations. These attributes are why Pet Supplies Plus is the fastest growing franchise in the pet industry for a few years running.

Because of their successful approach to the business and the knowledge of the industry, Pet Supplies Plus has a few awards under their belt. In 2019 Entrepreneur Magazine awarded them within multiple rankings on their prestigious, 40th Annual Franchise 500® list! This included No. 1 in the pet-store category for the fifth consecutive year and No. 46 overall among all franchise concepts. Very impressive.

Pet Supplies Plus is also an essential industry. They have supplied customers with online ordering & contactless pick up or delivery so that the furry and non-furry family members can be taken care of during this time. Not only do they have pet food and supplies but they offer dog grooming and self-serve dog wash. Multiple revenue streams are important factors on the list of business attributes that have higher success rates.

We love our pets! “American’s will spend $75B on their pets this year.” – Fortune

Pet owners want convenience in a friendly and knowledgeable environment and Pet Supplies Plus has this community aspect built in. Pet Supplies Plus sits in the ‘sweet spot’ where the product selection of big box stores, the savings of grocery stores and the knowledge and neighborhood feel of Independent pet stores converge.  

What are some of the other desirable features:

Scalability – this business can be easily replicated as there are not many moving parts.

Full In-House Support from real estate and marketing to training and inventory – corporate is known for the detailed, hands-on approach to making sure that franchisees are fully welcomed into the family of ownership with a comprehensive approach to all the needs of a new to a seasoned franchisee.

Low Employees & Simple Training – owning a unit does not take many employees, about 4-5 per unit. In addition, owners are not relying on high level training or certifications for the positions. They are easily teachable positions. This lends to less employee complications & hassles.

Rewarding fun and friendly lifestyle business – the employees like to work here, the customers like to come in as it becomes like family and the owners feel rewarded by owning something they enjoy, and helping the community at the same time. As a semi-absentee business owner Pet Supplies Plus provides a well balanced diet of work & play.

Next time you see someone and their pet, think about how much they’re loved and what owners will do for their happiness – the pets and their own!

Article originally published by Franchise Journal. Full article here.

What hot pet industry opportunity did we spot at Global Pet Expo 2020?

Our tails are still wagging with excitement after attending the Global Pet Expo in Florida, presented by the American Pet Products Association and Pet Industry Distributors Association. This dynamic expo featured a show floor spanning over 354,000 net square feet of exhibit space with the hottest, most innovative pet products on the market today. It was truly amazing.

This premier event is only open to independent retailers, distributors, mass-market buyers and other qualified professionals. Knowing that ahead of time, we spotted an opportunity to share our passion for helping independent pet store owners, without losing their local appeal through a partnership with Pet Supplies Plus.

We lunched, learned and connected.

To get the conversation started, we hosted a lunch n’ learn. The topic was our Independent Pet Conversion Program that we developed to partner with independent pet store owners. “We met several terrific independent pet store owners from all over the country who quickly recognized the value in partnering with the nation’s largest network of independently owned and operated pet stores,” says Vice President of Stores, Nick Russo.

As the largest chain of independent pet store owners and operators in the country, our program gives independent pet store owners the opportunity to offer more products, greater variety and better prices to reward existing customers and attract new ones. Plus, they get the buying power of almost 500 stores, as well as best-in-class marketing, merchandising and tech support to keep their stores running strong.

“We know that competition with local independent pet stores makes it tough to move into just any town in the U.S.,” says Russo. “We’d rather create a win-win where the strong relationships in the community stay intact and we give them the full backing of our billion-dollar brand.”

That’s the beauty of franchising with us. Yes, we are the nation’s top pet store franchise, but we stay true to helping each Franchise Owner be an even bigger part of their local neighborhood and a big part of our pet-loving family. Want to learn more about our Independent Pet Conversion Program? Visit our program landing page here.

First-Ever Pet Supplies Plus Virtual Meet The Team Day a Success

There’s no challenge we can’t overcome here at Pet Supplies Plus. We weren’t about to let the COVID-19 pandemic put a damper on our Meet The Team Day, which is where Franchise Owner candidates visit our Corporate Office in Michigan to tour a local store with CEO Chris Rowland and meet the Corporate team. So, we went virtual and the response was phenomenal.

“It was the one of the best virtual conferences I’ve even been a part of,” said one of our Franchise Brokers. And the best part was that it resulted in two new Franchise Owner groups signing franchise agreements.  

We’re excited to welcome Jonathan, our first candidate to sign for a store in the Conroe, Texas area. He’s a veteran services executive in the technology industry with over 20 years of professional experience and ready to use his skills as a leading pet store franchise owner.

“The content was digestible, and it was supported with the right visuals and details. They got it right,” said Jonathan. “I had no doubt at the end that I was going to proceed.”

We’re also happy to welcome Janet and Michael, who signed franchise agreements to bring our pet store franchise to Northeast Illinois. Janet’s a passionate preservationist with over 25 years in research and development as a biochemical scientist, wellness expert, CEO, entrepreneur, inventor and speaker. Michael is just as interesting. He’s a native of Wales and was trained at the United Bristol Hospitals and United Sheffield Hospitals in neurology. He emigrated in 1970 to take up a research fellowship where he studied mechanisms of strokes and migraines. In 1981, he pioneered the use of the MRI.

“It was so engaging. They had an answer for every question we asked,” said Janet. “The process was so well thought out, and they survived the test of time—we made the right choice,” added Michael. As a recession-resilient franchise, pet lovers of all backgrounds see how Pet Supplies Plus adapts and thrives in any market as a team. We can’t wait to help Jonathan, Janet and Michael transform their careers and communities with our top pet franchise.

Adversity brings teams closer together

Nobody can predict the ultimate impact COVID-19 will have economically and emotionally. But Forbesexplains that, “Behavioral scientists have proven that the more arduous your collective journey, the stronger your team’s cohesion.”

Forbes goes on to say how economic downturns offer businesses certain advantages. “It may sound counter intuitive but the greater constraint investors place on their financial resources during economic downturn, the better their chance of success. If they can weather the downturn, they’ll be well positioned to reap the rewards of the next economic expansion.”

Our Pet Supplies Plus Franchise Owners and employees are family to us. We’re here to overcome any challenge together. Now’s the time to join us, and we’d love to have you join our pack of nearly 500 stores across the country.

Learn how you can attend our next virtual MTTD. Fill out the form below to get the ball rolling.


How does a recession-resilient franchise hit top dog sales?

Times are uncertain out there, but here at Pet Supplies Plus, one thing always remains stable — our passion for people, pets and performance continues to rise above the pack. Every day, our Franchise Owners and employees are working extra hard to make a difference for our neighbors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CEO Chris Rowland says it best. “You’re doing an amazing job. In a very short period of time, the stores have embraced our service, and neighbors are loving the convenience of it. The execution has been phenomenal,” says Rowland.

Watch his video here to see one of his latest addresses to our incredible pack of Pet Supplies Plus Franchise Owners and staff members.

Pets are huge and so are our numbers

Our stores offer omni-channel shopping options so pet owners can purchase everything they need to keep their pets happy and healthy. From in-store shopping while observing social distancing (or about the length of two Labradors) and online ordering to using free same/next-day delivery and curbside pickup, we make it easy for customers to shop the way they want. It’s no surprise that our Franchise Owners are busy reaping the rewards of the $75B pet industry.*

Over the last couple of months, the response from neighbors to our omni-channel shopping options have been incredible – and it shows in our numbers:

  • Online ordering has rapidly increased since January 2020. We’ve grown 2,275% in online sales from January to April 2020.
  • Online order size is up. We’ve seen a 7% increase in delivery basket size and a 9% increase in curbside pickup basket size.
  • Curbside pickup is on the rise. Overall, this service has increased by 151%.

These spectacular numbers are a tribute to our best-in-show service and support in everything we do. The combination of our booming demand and omni-channel shopping options make us uniquely poised to keep leading the pack, no matter what’s going on in the market.

If you’re looking to unleash your inner entrepreneur and be part of an essential community of pet lovers, now’s the time to join us.

Do you want to learn more about our recession-resilient franchise? Fill out the form below, and one of our franchise development directors will be in touch.


Find your “forever home” with a recession-resilient franchise.

In uncertain times, one thing is certain: there are no limits on how much people love their pets. Our furry family members power $75B1 in annual sales, and Pet Supplies Plus’ well-established omni-channel shopping options make us one of the best—and most recession-resilient— franchises to own in unsettled markets.

Good instincts and the ability to adapt.

Just like people need groceries, pets need food—and treats, and wellness products, chew toys, and cat condos! Committed to growth, innovation, and strategic capitalization on evergreen demand, Pet Supplies Plus was ahead of the curve in implementing multiple ways to make it quick, simple, and convenient for pet owners to stock up everything they need to keep pets happy and healthy. Our omni-channel shopping options include in-store shopping while observing six feet of separation between neighbors (that’s about two Labrador retrievers!), online ordering with free curbside pickup in two hours, and free same or next day delivery so our neighbors can stay in their comfort zone while shopping. Innovations like these have made us top dog in an already recession-resilient industry.

More pets, more food, more everything.

There’s no better time to own a pet store. According to, “dog, cat and even hen adoptions soared in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic as people prepared to shelter in place.2” Pet fostering is also booming, as big-hearted animal lovers open their homes to pets displaced by animal shelter closures.

According to Minnesota Public Radio, animal shelters promoted adoption prior to shelter closures. By the time the shelters closed, people adopted more than 300 animals. Similar results happened in New York, Arizona, and California, according to the Washington Post.3 With the vast majority of families working, e-learning, and living at home, people depend on their pets more than ever, for love and companionship, exercise, and fun.

Here to keep tails wagging.

As Entrepreneur magazine’s #1 pet store franchise for six years running, Pet Supplies Plus’ success comes from its loyalty to the community it serves, a community of pet fanatics it loves — and completely understand. We have 30+ years of experience in the pet food industry and a proven track record of franchise owner success, growth, and support. Renowned service, booming demand, and omni-channel shopping options make us uniquely poised to keep us leading the pack no matter what’s going on in the market.

Want to learn more about our recession-resilient franchise? Fill out our form below and one of our franchise development directors will be in touch.




Pet Supplies Plus Named Top Pet Franchise for 6 Consecutive Years by Entrepreneur Magazine

At Pet Supplies Plus, our goal is to be the alpha dog in the pet franchise business. We couldn’t be happier that Entrepreneur magazine recognized us as a franchise industry leader and gave us top honors as the #1 pet franchise for the sixth year in a row.  

The competition was stiff. More than 1,100 companies competed for this year’s ranking, and we lead the pack in rigorous judging criteria that includes unit growth, brand power, franchise owner support, and financial strength and stability. Each franchise receives a cumulative score based on an analysis of more than 150 data points, and the 500 franchises with the highest cumulative scores become the Franchise 500 in ranking order. 

2020 is going to be a great year for the pet industry and for Pet Supplies Plus! With more than 460 stores, we’re the largest independent pet store chain, and we just keep getting bigger. Pet Supplies Plus Franchise Owner Scott Buchel says, “pet retail is a huge category. It’s the fastest growing segment year after year.” From biscuits and bully sticks to supplements and squeaky toys, Americans spent a whopping $75B on their furry family members last year* and are poised to spend even more this year. Don’t wait—it’s the perfect time to partner with one of the best franchises to own and stake your claim in this profitable industry. As an opportunity to combine your entrepreneurial skills with your love of animals, it’s a big win-win.

A special shout-out to our pet franchise owners who make us #1. They know that pets are family members, too, and are committed to making their stores a one-stop destination for pet lovers looking for healthier food options, the latest toys and accessories, and professional care and grooming. Because of our owners, our stores are both a vibrant part of the community and a fun place to work. They provide high-quality products, information, and education about all things pet, and they partner with local shelters, rescues, and organizations to help pets in need. “It doesn’t feel like I’m going to work every day,” says Lori Nebel, Pet Supplies Plus Multi-Unit Owner, “because I love what I do. And the reward is the community involvement—you’re definitely giving back.”

Ready to take the next step toward franchise ownership? Fill out the form here to speak with one of our Franchise Development Directors.