Why is Pet Supplies Plus the top pet franchise? The reasons are raining like cats and dogs.

Pet Supplies Plus employee with dog

Imagine owning a franchise in the large, lovable world of pets. And not just any pet franchise—a Pet Supplies Plus franchise. It’s ranked as the top pet franchise in an industry that’s seriously booming. Plus, it’s a pet franchise opportunity with powerful legs—so leash it up and hold on tight.

Growing by leaps and bounds. A high-level overview from CEO Chris Rowland.

“For the last couple of years, we’ve been extremely busy. Opening 80-100 stores a year, and that trend is continuing. As a matter a fact, it’s increasing. We have owners that are on store number 2 and can’t wait to get to stores #4 and 5,” says CEO Chris Rowland.

The top pet franchise is more than a store

The moment you choose to add one of these units to your portfolio, you know you’re getting more than a store. You get to work around pets and pet owners every day. You join a 600+ franchise presence that’s growing. And you enjoy the benefits of local support that come with a national brand.

Pet Supplies Plus is a breed apart, starting with the easy shopping experience. Customers really love our omni-channel options: in-store shopping, curbside pick-up, same-day delivery, online ordering, dog grooming…even a bakery.

And with a Pet Supplies Plus Franchise opportunity, the numbers tell a story. Like this one: $2.4M AUV*.

What makes it the best franchise to own?  Just ask Franchise Owners.

It’s easy to see why entrepreneurs and investors are drawn to Pet Supplies Plus. It’s not your average pet store. It’s a franchise that makes both pets and portfolios happy.  Especially if you are a multi-franchise owner looking to expand into the animal kingdom, it’s best to start right at the top.

 To understand why it’s such a proven investment, let’s hear from some of our current Franchise Owners:

A ground-up success story with multi-unit Franchise Owner Doug DeLozier

“The business has evolved and it’s central now to the community. Neighbors come to us for years and years…and we get to know their pets, we get to know their names. We become a vital part of the community. My next goal is 100 stores. Since I exceeded all the goals I set originally, I’m setting some new ones. 100 is a good number for me to shoot for!”

No better industry to be in with multi-unit Franchise Owner Michelle Lambert

“Being in the pet industry and investing in the top pet franchise is the way to go. If you look at where the world is going, the pet industry is growing. It’s not going anywhere. Even if you’re having a challenging day, you walk around the corner, and you see a puppy. How can you not be happy? That’s the best part.”

A truly rewarding investment with multi-unit Franchise Owner Lori Nebel

“No one does it better than Pet Supplies Plus. They adapt to what’s going around them. They keep up with the competitors. They test their processes before rolling them out. One of my favorite things about being a Pet Supplies Plus Franchise Owner is making a difference in the community … I can really make a difference with rescues, animal shelters, and more.”

Stake out your territory

A strong unit-level pawprint of 600+ stores continues to grow. Hot markets are available around the country. So, grab your territory before someone else does.

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