First-Ever Pet Supplies Plus Virtual Meet The Team Day a Success

There’s no challenge we can’t overcome here at Pet Supplies Plus. We weren’t about to let the COVID-19 pandemic put a damper on our Meet The Team Day, which is where Franchise Owner candidates visit our Corporate Office in Michigan to tour a local store with CEO Chris Rowland and meet the Corporate team. So, we went virtual and the response was phenomenal.

“It was the one of the best virtual conferences I’ve even been a part of,” said one of our Franchise Brokers. And the best part was that it resulted in two new Franchise Owner groups signing franchise agreements.  

We’re excited to welcome Jonathan, our first candidate to sign for a store in the Conroe, Texas area. He’s a veteran services executive in the technology industry with over 20 years of professional experience and ready to use his skills as a leading pet store franchise owner.

“The content was digestible, and it was supported with the right visuals and details. They got it right,” said Jonathan. “I had no doubt at the end that I was going to proceed.”

We’re also happy to welcome Janet and Michael, who signed franchise agreements to bring our pet store franchise to Northeast Illinois. Janet’s a passionate preservationist with over 25 years in research and development as a biochemical scientist, wellness expert, CEO, entrepreneur, inventor and speaker. Michael is just as interesting. He’s a native of Wales and was trained at the United Bristol Hospitals and United Sheffield Hospitals in neurology. He emigrated in 1970 to take up a research fellowship where he studied mechanisms of strokes and migraines. In 1981, he pioneered the use of the MRI.

“It was so engaging. They had an answer for every question we asked,” said Janet. “The process was so well thought out, and they survived the test of time—we made the right choice,” added Michael. As a recession-resilient franchise, pet lovers of all backgrounds see how Pet Supplies Plus adapts and thrives in any market as a team. We can’t wait to help Jonathan, Janet and Michael transform their careers and communities with our top pet franchise.

Adversity brings teams closer together

Nobody can predict the ultimate impact COVID-19 will have economically and emotionally. But Forbesexplains that, “Behavioral scientists have proven that the more arduous your collective journey, the stronger your team’s cohesion.”

Forbes goes on to say how economic downturns offer businesses certain advantages. “It may sound counter intuitive but the greater constraint investors place on their financial resources during economic downturn, the better their chance of success. If they can weather the downturn, they’ll be well positioned to reap the rewards of the next economic expansion.”

Our Pet Supplies Plus Franchise Owners and employees are family to us. We’re here to overcome any challenge together. Now’s the time to join us, and we’d love to have you join our pack of nearly 500 stores across the country.

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