What hot pet industry opportunity did we spot at Global Pet Expo 2020?

Our tails are still wagging with excitement after attending the Global Pet Expo in Florida, presented by the American Pet Products Association and Pet Industry Distributors Association. This dynamic expo featured a show floor spanning over 354,000 net square feet of exhibit space with the hottest, most innovative pet products on the market today. It was truly amazing.

This premier event is only open to independent retailers, distributors, mass-market buyers and other qualified professionals. Knowing that ahead of time, we spotted an opportunity to share our passion for helping independent pet store owners, without losing their local appeal through a partnership with Pet Supplies Plus.

We lunched, learned and connected.

To get the conversation started, we hosted a lunch n’ learn. The topic was our Independent Pet Conversion Program that we developed to partner with independent pet store owners. “We met several terrific independent pet store owners from all over the country who quickly recognized the value in partnering with the nation’s largest network of independently owned and operated pet stores,” says Vice President of Stores, Nick Russo.

As the largest chain of independent pet store owners and operators in the country, our program gives independent pet store owners the opportunity to offer more products, greater variety and better prices to reward existing customers and attract new ones. Plus, they get the buying power of almost 500 stores, as well as best-in-class marketing, merchandising and tech support to keep their stores running strong.

“We know that competition with local independent pet stores makes it tough to move into just any town in the U.S.,” says Russo. “We’d rather create a win-win where the strong relationships in the community stay intact and we give them the full backing of our billion-dollar brand.”

That’s the beauty of franchising with us. Yes, we are the nation’s top pet store franchise, but we stay true to helping each Franchise Owner be an even bigger part of their local neighborhood and a big part of our pet-loving family. Want to learn more about our Independent Pet Conversion Program? Visit our program landing page here.