It Ain’t Nothing But a “Bark” Thang

Finding a business is akin to a PT job. But what if you could find one that meets many of the criteria that are at the top of people’s lists of desired attributes in a business? In addition, it is within an industry that is not only exploding but is beloved by millions? 


Let’s begin with why most people want a business:

  • Independence / Work for themselves
  • More control over their lives
  • Build an asset

Hands down the #1 reason clients tell me they want to own a business is b/c they want to work for themselves! 
What is the fastest growing segment in franchising? Pets!

Why do people want pets:

  • Humans need for love & friendship
  • Keep them active
  • They make good friends

According to the 2019-2020 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 67% of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to 84.9 millions homes. In 1988, the first year the survey was conducted, 56% of U.S. households owned a pet.” – American Pet Products Association

Pair these two and you have the perfect set of reasons people want to own a pet focused business. But which one?

There are many franchises popping up to fit the need of this exploding industry – but which brand has tested the long road of ups & downs to now be granted an esteemed marketing phrase – National Brand Recognition: Pet Supplies Plus

With over 500 locations and franchising since 1990 (that is 30 years to those of who still think of 1990 as ‘yesterday’). This well established brand has proven itself time and time again. Semi-Absentee Business; Strong concept with year over year growth; Strong numbers – as the avg unit volume is 7 figures; Strong franchise validation – and how franchisees are showing this validation is by buying up more locations. These attributes are why Pet Supplies Plus is the fastest growing franchise in the pet industry for a few years running.

Because of their successful approach to the business and the knowledge of the industry, Pet Supplies Plus has a few awards under their belt. In 2019 Entrepreneur Magazine awarded them within multiple rankings on their prestigious, 40th Annual Franchise 500® list! This included No. 1 in the pet-store category for the fifth consecutive year and No. 46 overall among all franchise concepts. Very impressive.

Pet Supplies Plus is also an essential industry. They have supplied customers with online ordering & contactless pick up or delivery so that the furry and non-furry family members can be taken care of during this time. Not only do they have pet food and supplies but they offer dog grooming and self-serve dog wash. Multiple revenue streams are important factors on the list of business attributes that have higher success rates.

We love our pets! “American’s will spend $75B on their pets this year.” – Fortune

Pet owners want convenience in a friendly and knowledgeable environment and Pet Supplies Plus has this community aspect built in. Pet Supplies Plus sits in the ‘sweet spot’ where the product selection of big box stores, the savings of grocery stores and the knowledge and neighborhood feel of Independent pet stores converge.  

What are some of the other desirable features:

Scalability – this business can be easily replicated as there are not many moving parts.

Full In-House Support from real estate and marketing to training and inventory – corporate is known for the detailed, hands-on approach to making sure that franchisees are fully welcomed into the family of ownership with a comprehensive approach to all the needs of a new to a seasoned franchisee.

Low Employees & Simple Training – owning a unit does not take many employees, about 4-5 per unit. In addition, owners are not relying on high level training or certifications for the positions. They are easily teachable positions. This lends to less employee complications & hassles.

Rewarding fun and friendly lifestyle business – the employees like to work here, the customers like to come in as it becomes like family and the owners feel rewarded by owning something they enjoy, and helping the community at the same time. As a semi-absentee business owner Pet Supplies Plus provides a well balanced diet of work & play.

Next time you see someone and their pet, think about how much they’re loved and what owners will do for their happiness – the pets and their own!

Article originally published by Franchise Journal. Full article here.