Video Transcripts

Matt & Brian Barrett Speak About Pet Supplies Plus Franchising

So if you’re looking to get into a franchise, I think Pet Supplies Plus is a really good opportunity. Corporate sets a great foundation, the culture is amazing. Getting to work in the stores with the neighbors, seeing the pets, it’s a fun atmosphere and it’s also a really great financial opportunity.

– Brian Barrett, Franchise Owner

Flexible Franchise Model

We have franchise owners that decide, you know, they’re gonna be in the back office taking care of the financials, and we have franchise owners that are loud and proud at the front of the stores, greeting every neighbor that comes in. So, we have a very flexible model that works with the individuals and their personalities.

– Chris Rowland, CEO

No One Does It Better

No one does it better than Pet Supplies Plus. They adapt to what’s going on around them. They keep up with the competitors. They test their processes before they roll them out.

– Lori Nebel, Franchise Owner

Future Growth

When Matt and I decided we wanted to get into business, we were really looking for something that we could, we could grow, and have, you know, potentially for our children, and you know, Pet Supplies Plus really fill right into, into that pocket.

– Brian Barrett, Franchise Owner

Love of the Industry

I just love the industry. I love the people. I love the pets. Like, every single day, even if you’re having a bad day, you’re surrounded by animals and cute dog comes in and your day is better. So, definitely couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

– Johnny and Cole Weber, Franchise Owners

A Very Rewarding Investment

Yeah, so having a pet franchise in, in our portfolio has been very, very rewarding. Not only has it been a fun investment, but it’s also been a great investment financially.

– Johnny and Cole Weber, Franchise Owners

A Very Rewarding Investment

So, I’ll tell you my next goal is a hundred stores. And the reason I tell you it’s my next goal is I’ve already exceeded all my goals I set out for originally. So, I had to go get some new goals. And- and I tell my daughter this all the time. It’s like, set your goals really high. Then when you get there, you’ll be so amazed, you’ll have to set new ones. And that’s even more fun.

– Doug DeLozier, Franchise Owner

A Turnkey Setup

I enjoy going to work every day. It’s fun to get up; it’s not a job. You get a ton of support from corporate. The concept is very much turnkey. PET SUPPLIES PLUS really makes it easy as a franchise owner to run multiple locations and make a lotta money doing it.

– Matt Morello, Franchise Owner

Bringing Out The Fun

Being in this industry really brought out the fun in owning a business. You get more than what you put in.

– Sunny Grewal, Franchise Owner

It's the Way to Go

Being in the pet industry and absolutely investing in a pet franchise is the way to go. If you look at where the world is going, and the pet industry is solid and growing, and it’s a great investment, this is a fun brand. You need to come here.

– Michelle Lambert, Franchise Owner

Growth at Pet Supplies Plus

Over the last couple of years at Pet Supplies Plus, we have been extremely busy, opening 80 to 100 stores a year, and that trend is continuing. Matter of fact, it’s increasing. We have owners that are, uh, on store number two and can’t wait to get to stores number four and five. So for the next few years we’re gonna be extremely busy opening stores, and before you know it we’re gonna be at store 1,000.

– Chris Rowland, CEO

Nick Russo, Growth at Pet Supplies Plus

Whether you’ve been with the company for two years or twenty-plus years, franchise owners are looking to add, uh, to their current store count because of the success of the pet industry and the success of Pet Supplies Plus.

– Nick Russo, Sr. VP of Franchise Development

A Rewarding Opportunity

This is very rewarding, both financially, emotionally, and it’s a ton of fun. Who doesn’t love pets?

– Nick Russo, Sr. VP of Franchise Development

The Culture of Pet Supplies Plus

We actually care. You know, we know you by name, we get to know your family. We actually come to your stores. And, we truly look at your business as it would be our own money invested. And, you know, I think our culture is amazing.

– Michelle Harding, VP of Stores

Neighborhood and Community

Our neighbors within Pet Supplies Plus, they’re real people. They’re genuine people. They care about their local community. We try to help that spirit of engagement thrive within each one of our stores, showing that we’re not this massive behemoth of a store. We’re tied into local community.

– Adam Vincentini

Once they come in the doors, it’s the experience that they get. First of all, we have a larger assortment of natural foods than anyone in the industry, all at value price. And then they’re blown away by the service of our team members, the engagement, the fun, the excitement, the passion, and that’s really what makes this brand come alive.

– Chris Rowland

Brand/System Growth

So over the past five years, we’ve seen phenomenal growth, from a store count perspective, from the increasing pool of new franchisees that have joined our family. And then also from a revenue and EBITDA standpoint as well.

– Dan McNamara

Our growth at Pet Supplies Plus over the past five years has been nothing short of extraordinary. But as I look back celebrating store number 500, and in the same week celebrating store 501, 502, and 503, with over 200 stores in the pipeline still yet to open, we’re on path to hit 900 stores plus in the next five years.

– Nick Russo