New Leadership Rethinks the Pet Supplies Plus Franchise Sales Process

Chief Development and Stores Officer, Nick Russo posing in the Pet Supplies Plus franchise office

After Pet Supplies Plus acquired Wag N’ Wash in 2022, Nick Russo was promoted to Chief Development and Stores Officer of both brands. In a recent interview with Franchise Wire, he shared his goal of growing both brands nationally.   

Previously the Senior Vice President of Franchising for Pet Supplies Plus, Russo brings over two decades of retail experience to the role. As part of this transition, Russo will be bridging the gap between franchise sales and operations.  

Chief Executive Officer, Chris Rowland, explains, “To ensure our owners continue to feel supported after they’ve signed their franchise agreement, both the franchise development team and the store operations team report to our Chief Development and Stores Officer, Nick Russo. In this position, he oversees all aspects of franchise sales and store operations.” 

Rethinking the franchise sales process

In the past, sales and operations have been led by separate teams. A potential Franchise Owner would work with a sales team up until purchasing their franchise. Then, they would be handed off to a new team to guide them through building out and opening the store.  

While each team specializes in specific stages of the journey, things could get lost in translation during the transition from one team to another.  

In his new role, Russo will oversee both the sales process and store operations. Rather than drop off after the sales signature, he’ll be available to answer questions and support growth, lending to greater clarity and consistency.  

So far, the change has seen great success. Rowland says, “Knowing that Nick sold them their franchise and is still there to support them as owners seems to ease onboarding stress and create a stronger relationship between our Franchise Owners and the brand.”  

Set up for success 

When Russo first joined Pet Supplies Plus, he saw the potential to scale nationwide. The brand’s stability and the strength of its systems help make it one of the best franchise opportunities. With no end in sight to the pet industry boom, Russo plans to continue pushing toward national growth.  

The partnership between Pet Supplies Plus and Wag N’ Wash set both brands up for success. Both franchises offer pet products and grooming, making them a perfect match. If you want a full-service, large-format pet store, then Pet Supplies Plus is for you. If you’re interested in a smaller, service-driven dog specialty store, then Wag N’ Wash is a great option. Together, they offer Franchise Owners the purchasing power and recognition of a big brand as well as the market availability and momentum of an up-and-coming one. To learn about both opportunities, you can read more on our website.  

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