One-Stop Shop (Video Transcription)

“We’re a one-stop shop for pet supplies, plus neighbors. We go from soup to nuts. We service dog, cat, specialty, which includes fish, reptiles, small animal and bird. And we’ve launched four terrific brands within the portfolio. And we start with Redford Naturals, which is our terrific natural food brand. Dog food is the bread and butter of the business, and they come back to Pet’s Place Plus only to pick up that food. We also have Plan, which is our hero private brand for hard goods. Mitten’s Morsels is our opening price point, cat food. ” – Reina vanDelft

“Not only is the ingredient panel better than the national branded product, it’s a better value. It’s a lower price, and it’s a better margin for our franchisees. So net, net, it’s a win across the board for our neighbors, our franchisees, and the pets that they feed.” – Chris Rowland

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